MVKA: event design and live experiences

MVKA is a Vancouver-based consulting firm specializing in experiential event design, live- experiences, creative content development, venue atmospherics and hospitality concepts.

Operating internationally, MVKA directly advises public and private sector companies, providing effective branding concepts, location expertise, and program strategies designed to engage colleagues and clients.

MVKA: the past

Formerly the full-service production company MVKA Productions (est. 1989), the firm became one of North America?s most successful event specialists, producing events in Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and across the Americas. MVKA Productions remained committed to providing creative, inspiring, and professionally managed event experiences enjoyed by hundreds of clients and literally hundreds of thousands of guests.

MVKA: experience

MVKA offers over three decades of international experience in investment structure and budget control systems, event design and production, event venue construction consultation, public speaking, and program/content development. A fresh, new focus on advisory services provides an integrated, client-facing perspective with the flexibility and expertise to consult globally.

MVKA: collaboration

At MVKA Productions,?Martin?and his team – many of whom were long-time collaborators – developed new production methods, embraced the latest advances in event technology, and established new standards of award-winning excellence. The individuals who made up MVKA Productions were instrumental to the company’s success and are still very much a part of?Martin’s professional and personal life. These life-long friends continue to collaborate together on many exciting projects.?Martin?holds these bright, talented and loyal associates in the highest regard and has expressed to each of them, his sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of their contributions.

Martin van Keken

Martin A.J. van Keken, Jr. is the founder and CEO of MVKA. Click here to see Martins’ resume.

Martin now offers services that include:

Investment/Budget scrutiny

Martin has considerable experience working with large organizations, committees, stakeholders and teams, and understand the structure, dynamics and the corresponding approval channels. Return on Events (RoE) outlines. I have managed investment structures/budgets up to 10 million US Dollars.

Advising and educating

Advising and educating senior level hospitality managers and executives on developing and managing physical infrastructure elements in pre and post-facility construction, i.e. optimizing long-term efficiency strategies for event and production elements in hotel ballrooms, conference centers, public event arenas, outdoor venues, private residences, etc.

Event program development

Event program development, from conceptual phase to realization, including ongoing evaluation, element and supplier procurement, implementation, proactive management, and final production.

Inter and intra-organizational planning

Inter and intra-organizational planning across private, civic, and corporate spheres; specifically, helping cross-functional teams and brands combine strengths, share expertise, and operate effectively.


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